Revolutionizing Car Rental Pricing: RateHighway and Rexalto Join Forces

The car rental industry is about to experience a significant transformation. RateHighway (RH), a global leader in car rental pricing automation, has announced an exciting new partnership with Rexalto, a cutting-edge technology firm renowned for its advanced pricing solutions. This collaboration brings Rexalto's innovative AMPE pricing engine into RH's comprehensive RateMonitor ecosystem, marking a major milestone in AI-driven pricing management.

May 23, 2024
5 min read
Mathieu Wattelle

A New Era of AI-Driven Pricing Management

The integration of AMPE technology into RateMonitor Elite represents a groundbreaking advancement in the industry. AMPE leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze vast datasets, including historical client data, current market prices, weather conditions, and more. This sophisticated approach allows AMPE to craft highly accurate pricing strategies tailored to each client, boosting both profitability and utilization.

Michael Meyer, President of RateHighway, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: "Partnering with Rexalto to incorporate the AMPE engine into our RateMonitor Eliteecosystem is a game-changer. This collaboration aligns with our mission to provide our customers with innovative solutions that cater to their evolving needs. AMPE's AI-driven approach offers a fresh perspective on pricing, giving our clients the power to optimize their strategies in real-time, ensuring they stay ahead in a highly competitive market."

Enhancing the RateMonitor EliteEcosystem

The addition of AMPE to RateMonitor Elite enhances an already mature, stable, and widely adopted platform. Car rental operators will now have access to a broader array of tools, enabling them to make more informed pricing decisions and stay competitive. This strategic move underscores RH's commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value to its customers.

Loriana Sardar, Co-Founder and CEO of Rexalto, shares this excitement: "Rexalto is excited to partner with RateHighway, a company that shares our vision for the future of car rental pricing. Integrating AMPE with the RateMonitor Elite ecosystem opens up new possibilities for pricing automation, combining our AI expertise with RH's extensive market reach to deliver superior value to customers worldwide."

Setting a New Industry Standard

The collaboration between RateHighway and Rexalto sets a new standard for pricing management in the car rental industry. By combining the reliability and depth of the RateMonitor Elite ecosystem with the innovative, AI-driven capabilities of AMPE, this partnership offers car rental operators the best of both worlds. The result is a powerful solution that drives efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

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