RateMonitor Elite

Rate automation & management technology for car rental business

Designed specifically for the Car Hire Industry, RateMonitor Elite is a comprehensive solution that comprises four core modules working seamlessly together, delivering our clients a complete Rate Automation Solution that covers the entire cycle.

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Increase Revenue

Leverage dynamic pricing strategies for optimal profitability.

Save Time

Streamline rate management with efficient, automated tools.

Reduce Errors

Benefit from intelligent, error-minimizing systems.

Boost your Fleet

Utilize advanced analytics for effective fleet utilization.


Compare yourself to your competitors

Gain real-time access to a vast range of rental car rates with RateMonitor Collection, featuring customizable reports and advanced search capabilities to optimize your rate management.


Comprehensive rate data at your fingertips

Comparison service offers advanced tools to analyze and adjust your rates in real-time, comparing them with competitors based on customizable rules. This ensures optimal pricing strategies tailored to your specific market and business goals.


Advanced Rate Adjustment and Market Influence

RateMonitor's Correction service offers powerful, dynamic tools for updating and managing rates, utilizing intelligent, rule-based suggestions. It includes innovative features like Rate Boomerang, enabling strategic market influence by temporarily adjusting rates to guide competitor pricing.


Discover our unique technology in 3 simple steps


Real time collection

Scheduled and on-demand searches are generated to collect
real-time competitor rates.



Comparison of the competition’s rates against your own pricing strategy gives you valuable insight. By applying user defined rules, RateMonitor can provide you with customized rate suggestions to fit your fleet utilization strategy.



Scheduled and on-demand searches are generated to collect
real-time competitor rates.

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