Based on Subscriber environment, Rate-Monitor can automatically and seamlessly update the counter system based on the Rate Rule rate suggestions; in addition Subscribers’ published rates can be updated through Rate-Monitor’s direct link to the CRS. This figure explains, Rate-Monitor can detect when a competitor is lower and price accordingly.

Step Three: C3 - Correction (Rate Management/Update) 

Rates, rules and utilization are processed together to create intelligent rate suggestions.

  • Powerful – Update as few as one day’s rates or up to 365 days’ rates
  • Dynamic - Change rates according to user-defined rules (e.g., "rate less than [competitor X] minus $x")
  • Connected - Interface with your company’s rate-update engines for seamless updates
  • Flexible - Apply rule-based rates suggestions manually or automatically. Approve selected rate suggestions to update your system electronically, or create a schedule to apply all rate suggestions for you in “Automatic Assistant” mode
  • Efficient - Tether rates to cascade changes within the rate structure you define

Rate Boomerang: Market Redirection (NEW!)

  • Rate-Highway is proud to announce Rate-Monitor's newest feature. Rate Boomerang is a game-changing tool that will allow you to influence competitors into following your organization’s rates up or down. After they have trailed, you can skillfully re-position your rates to exactly where you actually want them to be
  • With the help of Rate-Monitor’s powerful rule system, it is as easy as selecting the rates where you want to have this feature applied, defining the temporary rate amount and the time frame in which the false rate will appear before returning to the final rate amount. Rate Boomerang will do the rest!