Savings & Benefits

Rate-Monitor: Summary of Benefits

  • Increase Revenue - Increase your revenue by ensuring your rates are always optimally positioned, thus increasing your rentals volume and reducing the number of unintentionally underpriced rentals.
  • Easy to get started - There is no hardware to buy or software to install. All you need is an Internet-connected PC and a browser. Rate-Monitor has an intuitive user interface making it easy to use.
  • Control - An intuitive user interface on the Rate-Monitor system for adding, changing, and deleting items on your search Profiles. You initiate and schedule all searches. All reporting is viewable and downloadable on demand.
  • Quick Delivery - Rate-Monitor searches multiple sources simultaneously. When complete, reports are delivered by email to a distribution list of your choice or may be retrieved by logging into Rate-Monitor.


  • Convenient - Searches can be scheduled during off hours so reports are available when you arrive at work.
  • Comprehensive - All results are captured in actionable HTML or .csv format for downloading should you want to do further analysis.
  • Secure - The Rate-Highway Data Center has been audited and approved by some of the Nation’s largest companies. The Rate-Monitor application operates behind a secure firewall and employs additional security features to guarantee the isolation of your data from unauthorized viewers.
  • Anonymous - Searches from the Rate-Monitor system can be anonymous so target sites are unaware of who is visiting.
  • Value - There is no more competitively priced full-featured product like Rate-Monitor. We guarantee it.

Rate-Monitor Premium: Additional Benefits

  • Optional integration with in-house revenue management system (Direct CRS)
  • Management Reports
  • Web Services
  • Premier Support
  • Four custom reports at no charge
  • Integrated custom car classes
  • Multi-currency