RateMonitor Elite


Define your pricing strategy: our technology dynamically adjusts your rates in real-time

Increase Revenue

Leverage dynamic pricing strategies for optimal profitability.

Save Time

Streamline rate management with efficient, automated tools.

Reduce Errors

Benefit from intelligent, error-minimizing systems.

Boost your Fleet

Utilize advanced analytics for effective fleet utilization.

What is it?

In real time your rates are automatically updtated

The three pillars of RateMonitor Correction Service


Dynamic Rate Management

Seamlessly update rates based on intelligent suggestions, ensuring your pricing stays competitive and aligned with your strategy


Rate Boomerang Feature

Innovatively influence market rates, guiding competitors to follow your pricing, and then strategically reposition your rates for optimal positioning


Flexible & efficient updates

Offers powerful capabilities to update rates for up to 365 days, with the option for manual or automatic application of rule-based rate suggestions

Powerful range

Update anywhere from a single day to an entire year’s rates.

User-driven dynamics

Customize rate changes with user-defined rules, such as adjusting rates to stay competitively priced against specific competitors.

Seamless integration

Easily interface with your existing rate-update systems for fluid rate adjustments.

Adaptable & automated

Choose between manual application or automatic deployment of rate suggestions with our 'Automatic Assistant' mode.

Efficient structure

Implement rate changes that cascade through your defined rate structure, optimizing your pricing strategy.

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