RateMonitor Elite


Reviews and compares your rates against competitors

Increase Revenue

Leverage dynamic pricing strategies for optimal profitability.

Save Time

Streamline rate management with efficient, automated tools.

Reduce Errors

Benefit from intelligent, error-minimizing systems.

Boost your Fleet

Utilize advanced analytics for effective fleet utilization.

What is it?

In real time you can optimize your pricing with flexibility & precision

The three pillars of RateMonitor Comparision Service


Customizable Strategy Alignment

Tailor rate comparison rules to mirror your unique revenue management strategy.


Competitive Rate Analysis

Automatically compares your current rates against competitors, ensuring competitive pricing.


Automation for Efficiency

Offers fully automated rate change suggestions for streamlined operations and strategy implementation.

Customizable Rate Rules

Easily set competitor rate criteria in RateMonitor to trigger intelligent rate suggestions. Our system meticulously analyzes competitor rates using your defined rules for precise adjustments.

Strategic rate suggestions

Formulate a dynamic pricing strategy with rule-based suggestions, seamlessly aligning with your business goals.

Simplicity & sophistication

Whether you prefer straightforward rules like maintaining rates slightly below a specific competitor, or need complex multi-tiered logic trees for advanced strategies, RateMonitor accommodates all levels of intricacy.

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