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AI-Powered Revenue Management in Car Rental: A Strategic Alliance

Embracing AI technology in demand forecasting for car rental services demands a unique learning curve. With innovative pricing strategies, we can amplify outcomes, but the key question remains: how?

March 1, 2024
4 min read
Mathieu Wattelle

The Human-AI Dynamic in Pricing Strategy

Confronted with cutting-edge technology, professionals in the car rental industry may react by either dismissing it as inferior to human judgment or by using it without due diligence. Neither approach fully taps into the potential of AI in enhancing revenue management and pricing strategies within the car rental sector.

Drawing on years of experience in car rental yield management, I've seen these reactions when introducing RateHighway's technological solutions. At these sessions, some clients are quick to implement our rate shop tools without question, while others remain passive. Our Customer Success Managers step in to provide personalized guidance, adapting their support based on the client's interaction with our rate shop software.

Enhancing Rate Shop and Revenue Management with AI

This psychological resistance to new technology is natural. Yet, many users are unaware that they are supported by an AI system that brings advanced machine learning to bear on their pricing strategies and revenue management.

Leveraging Technology for Car Rental Revenue Growth

In 2014, RateHighway pioneered a technological solution that synthesized rate shop data, crucial for pricing strategy in car rentals. It was a game-changer for gathering market pricing data efficiently. However, the varied presentation of car descriptions online required a standardized approach to meet our car rental clients' fleet requirements. With a vast database of car descriptions, the need for an automated solution became evident.

I remember a colleague whose entire role was to manually rate shop and clean data from different car rental websites. This time-consuming task contradicted RateHighway’s philosophy, which is about empowering users and optimizing time—a precious resource in revenue management.

AI and Revenue Management: A Symbiotic Relationship

RateHighway's AI doesn't replace the yield manager but empowers them. In 2018, we launched an AI tool that automatically processed car descriptions, aiding in the rate shop and pricing strategy for car rentals. This was a significant step forward in revenue management, saving users hours of work.

Training AI to Enhance Car Rental Strategies

The key benefit of AI for yield managers at RateHighway is the user's ability to interact with the system. Their engagement helps "teach" the machine, which in turn supports pricing strategy and revenue management decisions.

In 2019, our team undertook a new project to forecast demand using AI. After extensive testing, we improved our rate shop capabilities, which enhanced our pricing strategy tools for the critical 30-day booking window that is often decisive for car rental reservations.

The Continuous Evolution of Car Rental Revenue Management

Even the most advanced forecast needs human insight. When market conditions change, it's the yield manager who navigates these new waters, adjusting the sails of pricing strategies and rate shop mechanisms. This human-machine collaboration is where the strategic planning for car rental revenue management shows its full strength.

Embracing Change for Car Rental Excellence

In conclusion, automated forecasting is a vital step towards refining car rental pricing strategies and mastering revenue management. However, it thrives on user engagement—testing, learning, and evolving. This is the essence of RateHighway's approach: combining technology with human intelligence to shape the future of car rental revenue management.

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