About Us



The Car Rental industry is Rate-Highway’s single focus. We direct 100% of our time and development efforts toward enhancing our Rate-MonitorTM analysis and positioning product. As a result, our Clients can make better business decisions and implement more effective pricing strategies in response to real-time market conditions.



Rate-Highway is the leading innovator of automated rate positioning technology for the auto rental industry. We’ve been providing web-based rate gathering technology to the travel industry since 1998. Rate-Highway introduced Rate-Monitor, our ground-breaking automated rate positioning product, in 2002. Rate-Highway is the:

  • 1st company to offer web rates to the car rental industry.
  • 1st company to offer a completely web-based rate analysis and positioning product.
  • Only company to offer an integrated solution that performs rate collection, comparison and correction all in one product.



Rate-Highway’s proprietary technology offers the first real-time business intelligence tools for monitoring Web and Global Distribution System (GDS) pricing information. Rate-Monitor analyzes competitor rate information, and, based on custom criteria, automatically adjusts GDS, Internet and reservation system rates based on rules specified by the Client.